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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2016Smart paySuen, Man Luen; Wan, Kai Yin
Jun-2016基於納米顆粒油墨的加密防偽印刷技術Sun, Tianying (孫天灜)
Jun-2016A review on implication of green technologies on Hong Kong Seawater Desalination PlantLam, Suet Yan (林雪欣); Leung, King Wai (梁璟偉); Yan, Yeung Fong (甄样芳); Yu, Yan Ki (余恩淇)
Jun-2016A microfluidic platform for single-cell co-culture and characterizationChan, Ying Ying Michelle (陳盈盈); Chik, Wai Han (戚慧嫻); Sin, Wai Yee (冼慧儀)
Jun-2016Levels, isomeric patterns, and ten-year temporal trends of 1,2,5,6,9,10-hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) and 1,2-dibromo-4-(1,2-dibromoethyl) cyclohexane (DBE-DBCH) in cetaceans from the South China SeaRuan, Yuefei (阮悦斐); Zhang, X. H.; Lam, J. C.; Zhu, B. Q.; Lam, P. K.
May-2016Synaptic plasticity of interlamellar CA1 network in the hippocampusTetteh, Hannah
May-2016Targeted delivery of antrodin B-loaded poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles to neurons promotes functional recovery after peripheral nerve injuryRaza, Chand
May-2016ECOSIMFung, Ho Lam Zita; Kwong, Kin Wing; Lo, Hei Man Joyce; Yeung, Mei Sze; Yip, Wan Ting; To, Shiu Him; Chan, Chiu Ngai; Lai, Sin Ching; Pun, Ka Yung
May-2016Artificial intelligence augmented system (AIAS)Chan, Long Yin; Chau, Ching Skye; Chun, Tsz Fung
May-2016地铁减碳优化设计方案-人流疏导及导航流动应用程式Fok, Hau Ching (霍巧晴); Leung, Wai Chun; Lo, Tsz Kwan; Ngok, Mei Hung (岳美虹)
May-2016Novel strategy for promoting axonal regeneration and repair in the nervous systemsAu, Ngan Pan (區雁斌)
May-2016High efficiency succinic acid production from glycerol via in-situ fibrous bed bioreactor with an engineered Yarrowia lipolyticaLi, Chong (李冲); Yang, Xiaofeng; Wang, Huaimin; Gao, Shi; Qi, Qingsheng; Gao, Cuijuan; Lin, Carol Sze Ki
May-2016Techno-economic analysis of a food waste valorization process for poly (lactic acid) production from food wasteKwan, Tsz Him (關祉謙)
Apr-2016Self-healing of damaged ultrathin Au nanowires assisted by mechanical manipulationXu, Shang (徐尚); Li, P. F.; Lu, Y.
Apr-2016Wearable computing devicesLyu, Mengxuan (呂夢煊); Panda, Sourav; Jiang, Zhuoran (江卓然)
10-Mar-2016From Linear to "Big Canvas" – Development of a Learning Scheme with Enhancement of Innovation,Problem-solving, Critical Thinking and Student ParticipationMeng, Jason Cheng Ni
10-Mar-2016Developing local cases for transportation logistics to enhance DECLeung, Stephen Chi Hang
10-Mar-2016Facilitating career insight of students from their internships and work experienceCheung, Raysen Wai Leung
10-Mar-2016Discovering the World of Management: Insights from Senior Students, Alumni, Faculty Member, and Business PractitionersKwan, Andy Siu On
10-Mar-2016Integration of Reverse-Engineering Training for Professional EngineersHo, Johnny Chung Yin