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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Video Broadcast Control System using Raspberry Pi IP CamerasPang, Siu Fung
2017Melody Harmonizer and Real-time Practice Monitoring for Novice Piano LearnersYick, Tsz Ho
2017Car Park Reservation SystemTsui, Siu Hung
2017Mobile-based Logistics SystemsWong, Tsz Kwan
2017Hiking SchedulerTong, Man Sui
2017Collision Counting Locality-sensitive hashing on commodity GPU clusterWong, Nok Ching
2017泰國、坦桑尼亞小學生漢語口語流利性研究 Du, Yuan (杜媛)
2017Does free trade between developing countries guarantee a “win-win” situation? an application of the Heckscher-Ohlin model on Sino-Vietnamese trade in a post-ACFTA economyAgrawal, Sumedha; Iacopetti, Nicolo; Pua, Jeremiah (潘金順); Sharma, Sandeep
2017Short text classification with deep neural networks: an experimental analysisLiu, Chui Yi (廖翠怡)
2017Neuromuscular basis of finger coordinationLi, Yuqi   (李瑜琪)
2017Home away from home: identity and sense of belonging of Pakistanis in Hong KongChan, Cheuk Ying Giselle (陳卓楹); Li, Sum Yi Sammi (李心怡); Wong, Shu Ming Veronica (黃舒明)
2017A smart lighting control system: experiment development and demonstration IILau, Yik Fun (劉易歡)
2017Algebra mazeKwok, Sui Yan (郭瑞焮)
2017Urbanization, a staying trend?Harvey, Caroline
2017Fraudulence detection of genetic dataDong, Wei   (董威)
2017Feed-in tariff for renewable energy in Germany and Hong KongChen, Yiran (陳怡然); Chan, Hei Tung (陳稀彤); Feng, Shihang (馮世航); Lau, Yu Ho (劉裕豪); Tse, Wai Hong (謝偉康); Van Lierde, Robin Maggy P.
2017Factors affecting anion intercalation into graphiteChan, Cheuk Ying (陳卓盈)
2017Theoretical study of STₒ qubit implemented in DQD using 1D exactly solvable double well potentialChan, Guo Xuan (曾國軒)
2017Quantitative analysis of sodium in self-raising flour by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopyWong, Pak Lok Conrad (黃柏樂)
2017How does worker-client relationship benefit clients' recovery process in regard to strengths perspective?Tsang, Ka Yee (曾嘉儀)