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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Audio musical genre classification using convolutional neural networks and pitch and tempo transformationsLi, Lihua (黎立華)
2007Combining local and global history hashing in perceptron branch predictionHo, Chung Yan (何頌恩)
2005Design and analysis for wavelet neural network identification modelYeung, Loi Leung (楊來樑)
2007Efficient rendering of radial basis function for illumination adjustable imageHo, Tze Yui (何子銳)
2007Extension of self-organizing maps to structured data domainRahman, Md. Kaled Masukur
2006Load-distributing algorithm using fuzzy neural network and fault-tolerant frameworkLiu, Ying Kin (廖英健)
2015Memristive neural networks : design, analysis and applicationsHu, Xiaofang (胡小方)
2009Neural network based models for value-at-risk analysis with applications in emerging marketsChen, Xiaoliang (陳曉亮)
2004New improvements of self-organizing maps on growing structures, probabilistic formation, clustering and visualizationWu, Sitao (伍思濤)
2012Parallelization of competitive networksXiao, Yi (肖懿)
2011A pre-tendering project prioritization decision support system for contractors based on artificial neural network and AHP Fuzzy-TOPSISGuo, Lili ( 郭麗麗)
2004Recursive auto-associative memory as connectionist language processing model : training improvements via hybrid neural-genetic schemataWong, Chun Kit (黃俊傑)
2011Regularizer design for fault tolerant neural networksMak, Shue Kwan ( 麥澍堃)
2010Self-organizing map : visualization and data handlingXu, Yang ( 徐楊)
2009State observer and filter design for delayed neural networksHuang, He (黃鶴)
2010The study of self-organizing maps on optimization, visualization, clustering and complex networksXu, Lu ( 徐璐)
2011A survey of contact wire wear parameters and the development of a model to predict wire wear by using the artifical neural networkShing, Wai Chung ( 盛偉忠)

Showing results 1 to 17 of 17


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