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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2008E-Books: an editor’s viewO’Connor, Steve
2005Ecological risk assessment of oviparous wildlife from Hong Kong and southeastern coast of China due to environmental contaminantsLam, James Chung Wah (林忠華)
2005Ecological status and conservation value of soft shore habitats in Hong KongTai, Koon Keung (戴冠強)
2007The ecology and biology of amphioxus in Hong KongChen, Yan (陳彥)
2002Ecology of marine amphipods with special emphasis on its use as test organisms for assessing the toxicity of marine sedimentsLee, Fion Yin-king (李燕琼)
2014E-Commerce Collaborative Filtering System based on Cloud ComputingChan, Wai Ming
2013E-commerce platform strategic planning for innovative entrepreneurial firmsChu, Ka Chun Gordon (朱家駿); Xu, Xiaoguang (徐小光); Frost, Natalie; Huang, Lydia Sihuang; Schultz, Katie
2013E-commerce System (Mobile application)Ip, Wai Kin
2004An econometric analysis of the Hong Kong real estate market : hedonic price study and index number constructionBao, Xiaohui (包晓辉)
2003Economic development and democratization: political culture among the middle class and the general public in Hong Kong from the 1970s to 1991Fung, Sai Fu
2001Economic impact of Hong Kong air cargo industryLo, Wai Ling (盧慧玲)
2006The eco-physiology of outdoor airborne fungi in Hong KongChan, Wai Yee (陳慧儀)
2006e-Cycling of CRT monitors for green electronics regulationsChoy, Lai Sze
2007E-cycling of electronic products to control harzardous substances based on XRF analysisLo, Yim Yuk
Mar-2002The edgeShum, Viola Wing Man
2006Edge-pancyclicity, path-embeddability, and t/k-diagnosability in interconnection networksFan, Jianxi (樊建席)
2003Edit-ZedLee, Joseph Yin Shan
2012Educational software of mathematicsTam, Yik See
2004Education reform in Hong Kong - Manageralism in Primary and Secondary SchoolsChoi, Ka Ling
2006EE FYP management systemChan, Kit Cheong

Showing results 1193 to 1212 of 4169 < previous   next >


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