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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Effects of comparative advertising in high and low cognitive elaboration conditionsChow, Wing Chi (周詠芝)
2007The effects of cross-functional cooperation and competition on new product performance : how does knowledge management processes matter?Bian, Lin (卞琳)
2014The effects of curing conditions on mortars using glass powder as cement replacement materialChoi, Tommy Ho-kin (蔡浩健)
2009Effects of deployment of artificial reefs on the marine benthic environment, with special reference to sediment physico-chemical characteristicsWai, Ho Yin (衛浩賢)
2009The effects of different design factors on comprehension performance and subjective evaluation for reading Chinese on LED displaySo, Chung Yin (蘇頌燕)
2006Effects of dissolved oxygen concentration on marine gastropod nassarius festivusChan, Ho Yan (陳可欣)
2010Effects of emoticons on the acceptance of negative feedback in a virtual teamZhao, Yi (趙易)
2014Effects of Engineered Surface on Cell Guidance and MotilityXu, Yuanhao
2006The effects of establishing IT service operations and knowledge management infrastructure on knowledge sharing intentionSo, Chi Fung (蘇志鋒)
2005Effects of eutrophication on soft shore benthic communityCheung, Ka Chung (張家眾)
2005Effects of external environmental and internal genetic factors on Sonic Hedgehog pathway in zebrafish embryonic developmentKwok, Chiu Wai (郭肖慧)
2010Effects of Gender on Conflict Management Strategies, Interpersonal Conflict, and Job Affection Well BeingLeung, Chin Chung (梁展璁)
2007Effects of grateful disposition, gender and gratitude condition towards psychological well-beingLee, Wendy Wun Ting (李韻婷)
2010Effects of human disturbance on biological traits and structure of macrobenthic communitiesFleddum, Anne Lise
2008Effects of hypoxia on sex determination and differentiation in the Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes)Cheung, Hin Ying (張顯瑩)
2008Effects of institutional change towards modernization on consumer's responses to sex-appeal advertisingChow, Wing Chi (周詠芝)
1997Effects of lanthanides on ornithine decarboxylase induction, cell volume changes and calcium inflow in reuber H-35 rat hepatoma cellsKwok, Platini Peng Fei
2009The effects of Magnolol on alpha-particle induced bystander effectWong, Pang Wai (黃鵬偉)
2009The effects of MMORPG play on online and offline social capitalZhong, Zhijin (鐘智錦)
2007Effects of mobile phone radiation inside metallic enclosureHo, Kwok Wa

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