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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Intelligent Health Monitoring SystemChing, Hong Yan
2014An Intelligent Library App by Social RecommendationsNam, Man Lok
Oct-2007Intelligent Multi-Party Multi-Issue Bargaining System for e-BusinessYang, Yang (楊揚); Tam, Sai Man (譚世民); Lai, Chun Lam (黎峻林); Lau, Raymond Yiu Keung (劉耀強)
2015Intelligent Music PlayerLam, Kee Chiu
2009An intelligent problem solicitation systemKung, Suen Cheong
2015Intelligent Reservation System for RestaurantsLeung, Cheuk Ying Lusinda
2007Intelligent route finderTang, Chung Man
Dec-2014An intelligent scatter search (ISS) algorithm for scheduling of charging a single EVMao, Tian (毛田)
2010Intelligent Software Controller for Ms. PacmanNg, Sui Man
2010Intelligent Software Controller for Ms. PacmanOr, Nga Lam
2012Intelligent software controller for simulated car racingMak, Ka Ki
2011Intelligent Strategies for Super MarioLiu, Yuxin
2012Intelligent tutoring system for sudoku on mobile platformZhuang, Yuan (庄媛)
2016Intelligent weather sensitive travel time predictor appSiu, Ming Yin Ken
2003Intelligent web crawling browserYuen, Chi Hang
2008Intelligent web-based solutions for RoHS testingPoon, Lap Hang
10-Mar-2016Inter-active Mobile Platform for Animated Construction Work Sequence (IMPACWS)Ng, Andy Kung Wing
2014Inter-datacenter network designLiu, Qiuhong
2014Inter-Korean family reunionsBagherzadeh, Nazanin
2005Interacting with small personal digital devices by voice: automatic speech recognition and synthesisSha, Yang (沙揚)