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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Aug-2015Documentary Film Making for Discovery Enriched Tutorial TeachingWissink, Willem Lubert
2003Document clustering in email client systemChang, Matthew Chor Ming
2010Document Management and Security for Office on InternetYeung, Mei Yan
2015Document Similarity ComparisonChu, Yilei
2008Does corporate governance matter? : evidence from China and Hong KongJiang, Ping (江萍)
2013Does cross-listing of Chinese firms matter to firm performance?Lou, Jingxian (樓靜嫻)
2016Does exerting effort lead to endowment effect?Choudhury, Shreya Roy; Kim, Min Ki; Chang, Ming Yin (張明因); Yeh, Yun Ting (葉蘊葶); Hsu, Chien Jui (徐千蕊); Jung, Yang Sik (鄭壤植)
2006Does it pay to bribe? : evidence from corruption casesGe, Hui (葛慧)
2007Does marketing manager matter in new product development in high-tech firms? : a dynamic managerial capability perspectiveLiu, Weiping (刘伟萍)
2009Does superstition help? A study on the relationships among superstitions, death beliefs, personality,and death anxiety of university students in Hong KongWong, Shui Hung (黃瑞紅)
2007Does WTO Dispute Settlement provide effective remedies for Anti-Dumping Measure?Alam, Muhammad M
2009Do females speak more politely to females among Hong Kong young generations?Yeung, Sze Hang (楊思衡)
2012Doing disagreement in the decision-making process of formal meetings : a conversation-analytic study of interactions between colleagues in a medical laboratoryYuen, Yin Shan (袁燕珊)
Mar-2003DollyLam, Siu Mei (林少美)
2014Domestic waste in Hong KongLi, Chi Wing (李子詠); Chan, Karen (陳嘉麗); Cheung, Tsz Yuen (張芷苑); Poon, Yan Tung (潘恩童); Leung, Wing Ki (梁詠琪)
2012Doolu: a graphical social network serviceKwong, Ka Ho
2006Do people believe electronic word-of-mouth? : a study on factors affecting readers' perceived credibility of online consumer reviewsCheung, Man Yee (張文兒)
2013Do personality and self-construal predict response style in self-rating scales?Tsang, Sin Man (曾倩敏)
1995The dose distribution close to an 192Ir wire source : EGS4 Monte Carlo calculationsCheung, Yiu Chung (張耀忠)
2008Double-sided parallel-strip line circuit analysis and applications to microwave component designsChen, Jianxin (陳建新)

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