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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Mobile phone based digital ticketing systemChan, Pang
2004Mobile phone management system for pocket PCSo, Chun Kit
2006Mobile remote application access (Intelligence Plus Ltd)Cheng, Ronald Chung Tai
2011Mobile remote data acquisitionChong, Yam
2012A mobile restaurant recommendation system - application of data mining techniques in m-commerceLuk, Chun Tung
2008Mobile restaurant reservation systemShum, Kwong Shing
2008Mobile trip monitoring and journeying systemLau, Nga Wun (劉雅媛)
2008Mobile trip monitoring and journeying systemLau, Nga Wun
2008Mobile web 2.0: an Ajax component frameworkTsang, Kam Man
14-Aug-2015Mobile-based Learning Discovery CurriculumTong, Yu
2017Mobile-based Logistics SystemsWong, Tsz Kwan
Mar-2015Modal identification and model updating of a factory building with ambient vibration test data utilizing a Bayesian approachHu, Jun (胡俊); Lam, H. F.
2011Model of opinion spreading and its dynamical studies in complex networkNg, Chau Yin
2003Model-based generation of java codeChan, Grant Wing Fai
Nov-2011Model-based robust design and its integration with controlLu, Xin Jiang (陸新江)
2003Modeling and animation of clothLou, Hong Fai
2008Modeling techniques for low-pressure discharge lampMok, Man Ho (莫文灝)
2009The moderating role of perfectionism in appearance comparison and body dissatisfaction in female college studentsWong, Keith Kwok Leung (黃國良)
2014Monitoring customer motion for mini-bus paymentWong, Tsz Ching
2011Monitoring System For Remote Control HelicopterLam, Man Kit