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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Price Tracking Mobile ApplicationChoi, Mary
Jun-2014Primitive vs. modern: agrotourism transition in Qiandongnan minority community and rethink on its cultural implicationsSun, Chenguang (孫晨光); Li, Yingying (李莹莹); Shi, Yuanyuan
Mar-2006The principles of natural justice in arbitrationTo, Christopher Wing (陶榮)
2009Private Entrepreneurs and Political Impacts in China: The Case of ZhejiangZou, Chen
2016Procedural content generation horror gameWong, Ho (黃濠)
2015Product development of laser hair removal system for beauty applicationNg, Ka Hay
2015Product Development of Therapy Pad for Health-care PurposeKwan, Yuen Wing
2010Production and perception of Cantonese tones by Mandarin-speaking learnersKu, Ka Wai (古嘉惠)
11-Oct-2012Production of visualized protocols for teaching/learning Modern Experimental BiologyKong, Richard Yuen-chong
Mar-2005Productivity improvement reportChan, Chi Shing (陳志昇); Cheung, Wai King; Wong, Lai Tak (黃麗德); Wong, Wing Shing (黃永勝)
2010Programming Robots to Learn Simple Tasks Autonomously (Project I)Lau, King Tak
2004Project AIBO - machine learning and object recognitionShum, Tsz Kin
2015Project iF: An Informative, Interactive and Immersive AR Furniture ShowroomNg, Yuen Ching
Aug-2016Projecting tropical cyclone intensity at landfall at climatological scaleLok, Chon Fai (陸俊輝); Chan, Johnny C. L.
21-Jan-2011Promoting Active Learning Inside and Outside of ClassroomsChiu, Catherine C H
14-Aug-2015Promoting Co-operative Learning Beyond the Classroom Using Discovery-based ProjectHafner, Christoph Alexander
Jun-2014Promoting effect of a small heat shock protein on neuromuscular junction rein nervation and motor function recoveryAsthana, Pallavi; Zhang, G.; Sheikh, K. A.; Ma, C. H. Eddie
10-Mar-2016Promoting inter-disciplinary learning and research between Psychology students and students from other disciplinesWong, Andus Wing Kuen
2015Properties and Training Algorithm for RBF Networks with Concurrent Weight and Node FailureWan, Wai Yan
2007Prospects of Bicameralism for Hong Kong LegislatureCheng, Simon Wing Ming (鄭永銘)