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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Self-healing of damaged ultrathin Au nanowires assisted by mechanical manipulationXu, Shang (徐尚); Li, P. F.; Lu, Y.
Aug-2008Self-stigma, Homosexual Identity and 'Coming Out': A Comparative Study of Lesbians in Hong Kong and Mainland ChinaChow, Pizza Ka Yee (鄒家怡)
Feb-2016Self-transformable wheelchairLam, Wah Shing (林華盛); Lee, See Wai Sylvia (李詩慧); Leung, Chiu Yee (梁超儀); He, Danyun (何丹昀); Banala Nithyanandam, Revanth
2009A semantic and syntactic study of Japanese particle wa — A topic marker or a subject marker?Li, Yee Na (李綺娜)
2017Semantic Video Frame Extraction for ComicsGarg, Shrankhla
2003Semantic webKwong, Francis King Hei
2012Semi-auto 2D to 3D image conversion appsChung, Wing Yi
2012Semiconductor laser wavelength stabilization using a gas cellWong, Kit Ho
2011Sense of humor and use of humor: Implication of humor and well-being in Hong KongCheung, Chung Ping Paul (張仲平)
2013Sensing Mat for Monitoring System using Optical Technology - Telefield LTDFung, Ka Wai
2015Sentiment Analysis and View Count Forcasting Using YoutubeKwok, Shuk Kwan
2013September, Hung LiuKwong, Wing Yi (鄺潁怡)
2002A serial port multiplexer for Palm PDALuk, Man Pong
2007Server side support for sitewatcher, an antiphishing softwareMan, Kin Pong (文建邦)
2015Service quality & customer satisfaction: a study of different security service modes in private residential estates in hong kongChiem, Ka Shui Jacky; Lee, Ching Ching Flaria; Leung, Wing Hin Christy
Aug-2013Shadow of the past in the contract-trust interplay: a meta-analysis and a field studyZhong, Weiguo (仲為国)
2014Shadowing Robotic HandLai, Tsz Chun
14-Aug-2015Shakespeare in PerformanceCavendish-jones, Colin Alastair
2015Shareable E-whiteboardLau, Kam Yu
2014Shenzhen Acto Digital Video Technology Co. marketing plan on ASI EarphoneChan, Shuk Kwan (陳淑均); Leung, Wing Kai (梁穎佳); Ho, Ting Ting (何婷婷); Cheng, Tung Wan (鄭彤云); Wong, Mei Ki (黃美琪); Leung, Hoi Man (梁凱雯); Lo, Kai Tai (羅啟泰); Hui, Cho Sin Joyce (許初善)