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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Smart Trip PlannerHui, Ki Kwan
2002A SmartMedia card reader for Palm PDAChan, Adrian Man Tsun
2015Smartphone controlled quadcopterChan, Hung Kit (陳鴻杰); Tung, Chung Pui (董仲培)
2014Smartphone controlled Quadcopter (I)Tung, Chung Pui (董仲培)
2014Smartphone controlled Quadcopter (II)Chan, Hung Kit
2012SmartSur: Smart Video SURveillance SystemLi, Yiwei (李憶偉)
2008SMS booking systemLEUNG, Chun Yin
2014SNS use, social capital and psychological well-being during life transition: a survey of mainland China students in Hong KongYang, Chun (楊春)
2016Social criticism in Chinese literature: techniques and styles used by a selection of leading writers from the 1919 student movement to the present dayGoff, Peter
2015Social gaze on single and couple targets: exploring the top-down influences of sex, relationship status, love and lust stateLau, Shing Fung Athen (劉成豐)
1999Social information processing of aggressive and non-aggressive children in small group homeLam, Kwai Kam
2003The social meanings of cosmetics in the construction of the self image of some female university students: a qualitative studyKwong, Him Chun
2015Social media marketing strategy in logistics industryChiu, Chia-Hsuan; Rishi, Abhinav; Leung, Ka Sing (梁家昇); Zhang, Xiaojiao (張小皎)
2012Social network analysis of personnel selection standards: An empirical study in academic institutionSun, Xiangkun (孫翔鵾)
2012A social network-based barter systemWong, Ni Na
2015Social Sentiment Analysis for Hong Kong Financial MarketsLam, Pui Hei
Apr-2013SoengLam, Ho Tak (林昊德)
2011Software development for WII applicationKung, Wing Chi
Mar-2005Soldier crabLam, Wai Keung
Feb-2012Something about MelodyZhou, Jazz Jia (周佳)