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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Lookup table generation for Pipelined Aho-Corasick String-Matching AlgorithmCao, Cong
2011Lossless audio coding using code-excited linear prediction with embedded entropy codingLi, Yongmin ( 李永敏)
2011Lossless Compression of ImagesCheng, Pik Wan
2009Lossless compression of imagesWong, Wai Ching
2006Lotus Sea Hot Spring HotelMak, Kim Kin Wai (麥健威); Ng, Alvin Cheuk Man (吳卓文); Choi, Connie Man Shan (蔡文珊); Cheang, Tango Kuan Kit (鄭君傑); Wu, Koyi Kin Yan (胡健欣)
2007Lovers' loverMak, Heiward Hei Yan (麥曦茵)
2011Low-complexity antenna selection algorithms for MIMO systemsHui, Kin Wai
2011Low-complexity iterative channel estimation and detection techniques for OFDM systemsGeng, Nian ( 耿念)
2008Low-complexity iterative detection in coded linear systemsYuan, Xiaojun (袁曉軍)
2003A low-cost automatic water spray setupMan, Kwan Pok
Aug-2003A low intermodulation and high efficiency power amplifier incorporating CMCR circuitryYum, Kenji Tsz Yin (任子賢)
Aug-2012The Low-profile Magneto-electric Dipole AntennaLi, Mingjian (李明鑒)
2005Low symmetry effects in the crystal (ligand) field theory and related spectroscopic studiesQin, Jian (秦健)
2009Lp-stability of solutions to Boltzmann equation with external forcingCheng, Chi Honn (鄭智瀚)
2008Luminescent cyclometalated iridium(III) polypyridine complexes appended with an alkyl chain or indole as biological probesLee, Pui Kei (李沛基)
2010Luminescent cyclometalated iridium (III) polypyridine complexes as biomolecular and cellular probesZhang, Yin (張寅)
2007Luminescent ruthenium(II) polypyridine complexes as novel probes for avidin, indole-binding proteins, and estrogen receptorsLee, Kwok Ming (李國明)
2011Machine learning algorithm design for playing Ms. Pacman using JavaLam, Leung Tung
2003A machine learning approach to customer predictionLai, Ying Kit
2008Machine translation and evaluation : online systemsWong, Tak Ming (黃德銘)

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