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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The Spaghetti House DeliveryDew, Wai Leung (刁偉樑); Heung, Shun Wai (香信瑋); Hui, Hiu Ching (許曉貞); Lam, Hoi Yin (林愷然); Lung, Fei Wan (龍飛雲)
2005Spam filteringChan, Hei
Mar-2014Spatial S-R compatibility effect with head rotationTsang, Steve Ngai Hung; Kang, Stefanie X. Q.; Chan, Alan H. S.
Jun-2014Spatial temporal pyramid matching using temporal sparse representation for human motion retrievalZhou, Liuyang (周柳陽); Lu, Zhiwu (盧志武); Leung, H.; Shang, L.
2006Speaker driver and enclosure, model identification, design and analysisChan, Pui Yuen
21-Jan-2011Special Interest Group in Computer Games: A Pilot Project for In-Depth-Learning and TrainingLiu, Zhi Qiang
2010Speech Enhancement in Car Noise EnvironmentChan, Ho Fung
2012Speech processing and analysisLiu, Sensen
2015The spontaneous nature of protesters in Umbrella MovementYang, Chun Wai (楊振威)
2015Spontaneous Routing and Navigation System for Wheelchair UsersHui, Yeuk Lam
2012Sport and physical activity: An alternative way to Hong Kong government in preventing and relieving juvenile delinquencyNg, Belle Mei Yan (吳美欣); Wong, Amos Pik Yee (黃碧儀)
2015Sports Mix AppChan, Ka Yi
2014Stability of semiconductor and metal nanoparticles in different mediaNg, Hoi Pong (吳凱邦)
2013Stalking the cyberstalkers in Hong KongJAY, Anita Ka-Yan (謝家茵)
2007A stand-alone registration systemChing, Yu Ming
2014State reactions towards street protests in Hong Kong: a glance of the year of 2012Wong, Peter Yu Chi (王宇馳)
Jun-2010Stereoscopic video generation from monoscopic videoXu, Evan Xuyuan (徐敘遠)
2010Stereoscopic Video Generation From Monoscopic VideoXu, Xuyuan (徐叙遠)
2012Stochastic quantitative fire risk assessment on old buildings in Hong KongTsang, Kwok Tung (曾國冬)
2013Stock evaluationGan, Junyi (甘俊怡); Zhu, Jinshan (朱瑾珊); Zhang, Yue (張越); Shen, Zeda (沈澤達); Cheung, Hoi Kei (張凱琪)