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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999A theoretical research on ASEAN: no prospect nor turning backHon, Ka Yan
2013Thermal actuation with piezoresistive sensing in mechanical resonatorsTu, Cheng
2014Thermal power reuse in power amplifier designZhang, Lei (張雷)
2012Thermoelectric materials and device: recover waste-heat from heat exchanger of power plantLaw, Ming Hing (羅明興)
Mar-2011This PairWong, Yee Mei (王綺美)
2014Three Dimensional Biomimetic Platforms for Cell InteractionsDing, Kaile
2005Three dimensional interference from a single photograph using shading and shadowsSin, Man Wai
2008Three dimensional movie production IILung, Wei Kei
2011Throughput and delay analysis of 802.11 networksLam, Kei Wang Eric
2013Time for change: no more gender specific and sexual orientation approach under the law on sexual offences in Hong KongHo, Tsui Yee Isabella (何趣儀)
2011Time perspective, death anxiety and emotional regulation processes in older adultsChen, Sze Man Emily (陳詩敏)
2003Time series prediction using minimum description lengthLai, Yu Ning
2015Time-cost-quality tradeoff problem solving with genetic algorithmLiu, Yushan (劉鈺珊)
3-Jun-2008To buy or not to buy: that is the question - E-Book acquisition at the University of Macau LibraryPoon, Paul W.T.
2013To confront or to collaborate? Reviewing the state-protestant relations in post-1997 Hong KongLam, Tsz Hang (林子恒)
2005To develop motor drivers and sensors for controlling robots systemTso, Alan Wai Lun
2013To what extent should the Bolam test be applicable to the cases of clinical trials? What should be the right direction of the law?Tang, Kin Man (鄧健敏)
Mar-2006Toi mon amourWong, Hiu Chun (王曉蓁)
Oct-2015Toni45 MK.3DKwok, Kai Fung Tony
2013A tool for generating UML diagram from source codeHeung, Kwai Hing