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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Supply chain management systemNg, Wing Ki
9-May-2014Supporting a Hybrid Language CourseWong, Hebe Mei-ha
Jul-2015Supporting undergraduate research: recommending personalized research projects to undergraduatesLiu, Yang; Ma, Jian; Du, Wei; Yang, C.; Hua, Z.
2006SureDelivery crypto systemLiang, Li (梁櫟)
2012Surfing notesHe, Sisi
2005Surveillance system using 3G mobile phoneChan, Yat Sun
2013Sustainable development: Why gender mattersWong, Oi Mei (王愛媚)
2007Sustainable Packaging for Maxim's FastfoodChan, Esther So sum (陳素心)
Mar-2015SwampMan, Chun Yip (文駿業)
Aug-2005Symbol recognition using bipartite transformation distance and angular distribution alignmentFeng, Min; Zhang, Wan; Liu, Wenyin
2012Symbol synchronization in OFDMCheung, Chi Ho (張志豪)
2014Symbol Synchronization in OFDM SystemsTsang, Ka Hei Kelvin
2008Symbolic melodic similarity using proportional transportation distanceLeung, Ho Man
May-2016Synaptic plasticity of interlamellar CA1 network in the hippocampusTetteh, Hannah
2016Synchronization of Commonly Driven Semiconductor Laser in ChaosMehra, Anantika
2005Synchronizing classroom documentsTang, Yu Ling
2015Synchronous dancing CarLee, Wai Kwan
2016Synchronous vs Asynchronous Computation on Graph Blocks: a Comparative StudyGaur, Shivam
2013Synthesis and characterization of CuO nanowires from porous coppersSiu, Chun Kong (蕭振綱)
2007Synthesis and Characterization of Silicon Nanowires and Silicon Nanowire Based Field Effect TransistorXiang, Jing Lei (項京雷)