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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20053D motion capturing device with Bluetooth - ILiu, Ying Shun
20053D motion capturing device with Bluetooth - IIWong, Ngai Leung
20033D object model retrievalHung, Chi Fung
20143D presentation with The Leap MotionChiu, Pit Tat Marco
20163D Printed Antenna with Dynamic Fluid controlLee, Sing Yu
20143D Printer - Double extrudersKwan, Wing Lok
20143D Printer with BluetoothFung, Tat Fai
20043D reconstruction from videoSiu, Kam Hung
20073D rendering using a hemishperical basisHui, Kai Hei
Mar-20055 step approach to manage quality in global supply chainChan, Tony Ching Tung (陳正通); Chin, Kwai Sang; Lau, Wai Kei; Chan, Wai Chung
20105-stars' identitySoon, Winnie (孫詠怡)
201254/74 IC TesterHui, Yik Yu
201360 GHz Antennas for WiGig/802.11adLeung, Sut Yee (梁實怡)
201660 GHz substrate integrated slot antenna array in TE20 modeXu, Jian
Nov-201360-GHz高介电常数介质贴片天线阵Li, Yujian (李雨鍵); Luk, Kwai Man
2011A.I. on Saving power for SmartphoneHung, Tin Wai
2005An AC mains voltage regulator against phase voltage instabilityChow, Lambert Ho Yin
2009Academic stress and health outcomes among college students: A comparative study in Hong Kong and mainland Chinese studentsChan, Aya Mo Ching (陳慕貞)
2015Acceleration and Applications of Texture SynthesisYeung, Kin Han
2008Access online questions and answers system on a pocket PCMak, Chun Wai