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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Visual Object Tracking for Security Montoring ApplicationsChan, Ka Ho
2002Visual speech for recognition systemTang, Tsz Kin
2007Visually impaired daily kit using RFID technologyTsang, Kathleen Shuk Yung
2004VNC viewer for mobile phoneLi, Ryan Chun Nang
2016Voice Based Authentication: A Practical and Privacy-Preserving SolutionYao, Xuewen
2016A Voice Driven Universal Remote Control AppWong, Yin Ting Cynthia
2006Voice over IPHo, Ka Chun
2006Voice over IPYu, Bob Hok Kwan
2007Voice over WiFiChan, Ping Yiu
2002Voice/Data communication channels base on T1/E1 transceiverHo, Yuen Tat
2016Volatility and dynamics of public and private real estate market returns in Hong KongChen, Suikang (陳歲康)
2007A voltage regulator for unstable voltage mains suppliesChui, Pak Yu
Dec-2016Voluntary quality disclosure with customer imperfect learningZhu, Han (朱唅)
2012Volunteer on duty / Call center systemChan, Kim Fung
2004A warehouse logging systemFung, Kai Chung
2013Waste reduction at sourceMak, Hoi Shan Kiki (麥凱珊); Wu, Yuen Ning Keiko (胡婉寧); Yim, Shun Yee Sharon (嚴舜怡); Yu, Shuk Ting Tiffany (余淑婷)
2013Water resources management in SingaporeChau, Tsz Kin Adam (鄒子健)
Jan-2009Water Sanitation, Disease ControlWang, Yanan (王亞男)
2009Watermark on video imagesTsai, Chi Man
2002Watermarking for copyright protectionTam, Ying