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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Antecedents of coordination effectiveness of software developer dyads from interacting teams : an empirical investigationYuan, Minghui (袁明輝)
2014Antenna and Array for 5G WiFiTsui, Chi Yeung
2005Antenna array design with printed L-probe antennaSiu, Lam
2005Antenna design for RFID systemLau, Pui Yi
2010Antenna Design using Genetic AlgarithmsYeung, Ka Wai
2015Antenna Elements and Array for Satellite Broadcasting ServiceChong, Ngai Lok
2015Antenna for wearable devices (wristband)Chan, Tsz Hin
2008Anti-epidemic strategy over complex networksJiang, Yihong
2004Antioxidant responses and lipid peroxidation in gold-lined sea bream (rhabdosargus sarba) upon exposure to chattonella marina, a red tide causative speciesWoo, Pui Shan (胡珮珊)
2004Antioxidant responses in the mussels perna viridis exposed to chattonella marinaKwok, Chung Ting (郭頌庭)
2007Anti-phishing: refinement of the sitewatcher and unicode detection in firefoxLam, Robert Man Wai
2012Anti-trokosi campaign: Proposals for the re-formulation of legislative solutionsKo, Cindy Tsz-nga (高子雅)
2008Aperture-couple antenna loaded by different patchesWong, Wai Tung
2012App designerHung, Pik Ki
2015APPer - An Android Application to Download Apps out-of Google Play directlyLee, Ka Wa
2015App for the Barter Trade and DonationWong, Kwok Shing
2013Appliance Signature and Energy Auditing for Sustainability - CityCom Technology LimitedChui, Kwok Tai (徐國泰)
Apr-2014Appliance signature: multi-modes electric appliancesChui, Kwok Tai (徐國泰); Li, Yee Shing Benjamin (李儀誠); Hung, Faan Hei (孔繁熙)
2006The applicability of the Hong Kong basic law to unify TaiwanCheng, Stanley Chi Chun (鄭智駿)
2015Application development based on ElectromyographyTang, Ho Tin

Showing results 272 to 291 of 5375 < previous   next >


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