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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Anti-epidemic strategy over complex networksJiang, Yihong
2004Antioxidant responses and lipid peroxidation in gold-lined sea bream (rhabdosargus sarba) upon exposure to chattonella marina, a red tide causative speciesWoo, Pui Shan (胡珮珊)
2004Antioxidant responses in the mussels perna viridis exposed to chattonella marinaKwok, Chung Ting (郭頌庭)
2007Anti-phishing: refinement of the sitewatcher and unicode detection in firefoxLam, Robert Man Wai
2012Anti-trokosi campaign: Proposals for the re-formulation of legislative solutionsKo, Cindy Tsz-nga (高子雅)
2008Aperture-couple antenna loaded by different patchesWong, Wai Tung
2012App designerHung, Pik Ki
2015APPer - An Android Application to Download Apps out-of Google Play directlyLee, Ka Wa
2015App for the Barter Trade and DonationWong, Kwok Shing
2013Appliance Signature and Energy Auditing for Sustainability - CityCom Technology LimitedChui, Kwok Tai (徐國泰)
Apr-2014Appliance signature: multi-modes electric appliancesChui, Kwok Tai (徐國泰); Li, Yee Shing Benjamin (李儀誠); Hung, Faan Hei (孔繁熙)
2006The applicability of the Hong Kong basic law to unify TaiwanCheng, Stanley Chi Chun (鄭智駿)
2015Application development based on ElectromyographyTang, Ho Tin
2012Application of alpha-particle irradiated and chemically etched polyallyldiglycol carbonate polymer films for fabrication of cell culture substratesNg, Ka Man Carmen (伍嘉汶)
2013The application of a port e-commerce community system : the western harbor of Shenzhen PortHan, Mingguang (韓明光)
2013Application of chaos theory in joint coding schemesLin, Qiuzhen (林秋鎭)
2004Application of conditional demand analysis in Origin-Destination (OD) matrix estimation using traffic counts and zonal characteristicsTang, Yee Wan (鄧綺雲)
2011Application of dynamic programming model in inventory managementTao, Feng ( 陶峰)
2011Application of Hong Kong consumer satisfaction index : formulation of investment portfolio and relationship with the Hong Kong macro-economic conditionWu, Chi Wai ( 吳志偉)
2002Application of Java smart cardHuang, Kai Chun

Showing results 279 to 298 of 5375 < previous   next >


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