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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Caofeidian Industrial Zone E-Government business blueprintAgrey, Renae; Lam, Joseph Chiu Fai (林朝暉); Cao, Tingting (曹婷婷); Tang, Wai Ho (鄧偉豪); Tao, Kwok Wai (杜國威)
2010Caofeidian Modern Service Industry – Development StrategyChong, Catherine Mo Lin (莊慕蓮); Ng, Gary Lok Kin (伍樂健); Ko, Madeline Pei Qi; Xie, Sherry Xiru
2005Capacity investigation of TCP over 3G mobile networksChoy, Sun Tim
2005Capacity of overlayed 3G multimedia mobile networksTam, Kwok Yee
2008Capacity of voice service over WiMAX networksCheung, Kwok Keung
2014Capital structure analysis of Tencent Holdings LimitedYung, Siu Him (翁韶謙); Cheng, Xi (程曦); Wu, Jinting (伍晋葶); Cheng, Sau Shing (鄭秀城)
2014Capital structure analysis of Tesla Motors, Inc.Liu, Ruoxi (劉若曦); Wang, Hao (王昊); Xue, Jiayi (薛嘉怡); Xu, Xiaowei (徐瀟煒); Xie, Yanting (解艷婷)
2014Capital structure analysis of Toyota Motor CorporationCheng, Hong Ting (鄭匡廷); Cheong, Ka Hong (張嘉洪); Fok, Ching Ho (霍政豪); Li, Yuen Tung (李婉彤); Sze, Wing Yiu (施泳耀); Wong, Wun Ching (黃渙靖)
2014Capitalism or not capitalism, that is a question: A Touch of Sin and capitalismHui, Chit Pan
2015CAPTCHA Recognition using Machine LearningZhang, Jiayao
2011Capturing 3D Photograph by Shape from FocusChung, Chi Shing
2005Car navigation system (CNS)Lau, Chun Kit
2012Car park reservation systemYip, Kai Wing (葉啓榮)
2017Car Park Reservation SystemTsui, Siu Hung
Sep-2014Career advancement of female accountantsHu, Tianhong (胡天泓); Yang, Qiuyao (楊秋謠)
2009A caregiving assistant for the elderlyTse, Shuk Yan
2015A case study of collaborated design process in façade subcontract packageYeung, Hiu Man (楊曉雯)
2011Case Study on the eco-design of green electronic products - photocopiersLee, Chi Wa
2007A Case Study on Topic Changes in Conversations of Hong Kong Tertiary StudentsChan, Ling Yin (陳玲燕)
14-Aug-2015Case-based Teaching, Problem-based Learning and Industrial-visits-based Training in Introductory Total Quality Engineering CoursesZhang, Zijun