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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Synthesis and studies of enzyme inhibitors for protein prenylationQiao, Yuqin (喬玉琴)
2012Synthesis and study of AlMgB composite filmsYan, Ce (嚴冊)
2012Synthesis, band gap engineering and photovoltaic applications of multinary semiconductor nanowire/nanocable arraysXu, Jun (許俊)
2011Synthesis, doping and device applications of II-VI semiconductor nanowiresCao, Yulin ( 曹喻霖)
2005Synthesis of oriented silicon nanowires by applying bias voltageChau, Penny Chin Yiu (周展耀)
2009Synthesis of semiconductor micro/nanowires and their applications in devicesLuo, Linbao (羅林保)
2008The synthesis, photophysical studies and applications of novel cyclometalated platinum(II) complexesKoo, Chi-Kin (古志健)
2012The synthesis, photophysical studies and cell imaging application of novel cyclometalated platinum(II) complexesHo, Yu Man (何裕文)
2007Synthesis, photophysics, electrochemistry, and protein-binding studies of luminescent rhenium(I) polypyridine indole and biotin complexesSze, Ka Shing (施加誠)
2010Synthesis, reactivity and magnetic properties of some ruthenium and osmium complexes bearing Schiff base ligandsXiang, Jing ( 向景)
Oct-2006System analysis of Lion Hill IT Consulting FirmChen, Cyril Yun Kai; Qiu, Jay Jie (邱杰); Lau, Vincent Tsz Hin (劉子軒); Tang, Mike Kwok Ho (鄧國豪)
2010A systematic investigation of strain/stress effect on the dielectric properties of barium strontium titanate thin filmsLu, Shengbo (路勝博)
2005System design effects on online impulse buyingShen, Kathy Ning (申寧)
2005System design for ultra wideband wireless communicationsSong, Shenghui (宋勝輝)
2010Systemic functional linguistics on bible translationWong, Kim Hoi Ki (黃愷琪)
2012System identification algorithms and techniques for systems biologyZhan, Choujun (詹儔軍)
2007System identifications for interior acoustic problems using the probabilistic approachSun, Huaiyang (孫懷洋)
2011The system of honorifics in the Korean languageWong, Kit Ying (王潔盈)
2012System reliability theory based decision supporting system for optimizing construction costs and qualityTao, Ran (陶然)
Mar-2010Table-Obscura.II : IntimacyLee, Wing Shan (李穎珊)

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