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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Studies of compensation schemes for salespersons incorporating sales effort and asymmetric information considerationsYao, Xiaoyun (姚曉耘)
2007The studies of CR-39 and colourless LR 115 solid-state nuclear track detectors (SSNTDs) for alpha-particle radiobiological experimentsChan, Kwai Fong (陳桂芳)
2007Studies of electrical and optical properties of surface-modified silicon nanowiresZhang, Mingliang (張明亮)
2006Studies of electronic and chemical structures of interfaces between metals and organic semiconductorsTang, Jianxin (唐建新)
2007Studies of enzymes involved in mevalonate pathway and sugar modificationChu, Xiusheng (楚秀生)
2007Studies of key enzymes involved in the assembly of the tetrapyrrolesLi, Nan (李楠)
2005Studies of long-period grating devices formed in rectangular-core waveguidesLiu, Yang (劉洋)
2007Studies of nanostructured Ti/TiB₂and TiN/TiBN multilayer filmsChu, Kenneth (朱冠霖)
2011Studies of organic donor-acceptor interfaces and their importance in organic photovoltaic cellNg, Tsz Wai (吳芷慧)
2011Studies of surface plasmons in nanostructuresLin, Shangxin ( 林賞心)
2011Studies of surfaces and interfaces in organic electronic devicesLiu, Zengtao ( 劉增濤)
2006Studies of the environmental fate of a popular antifouling booster biocide, Irgarol-1051Lam, Ka Ho (林家豪)
2006Studies of the enzymes involved in unsaturated fatty acid oxidationYu, Wenhua (俞文華)
2005Studies of thermal, mechanical and fracture behaviors of rigid nanoparticulates filled polymeric compositesZhao, Hongxia (趙紅霞)
2007Studies of urban aerosols in the Pearl River Delta Region using lidarChan, Lai Man Raymond (陳禮文)
2008Studies of urban atmospheric aerosols using lidar and sky radiometerYang, Xun (楊勳)
2008Studies of using infrared flash thermography (FT) for detection of surface cracks, subsurface defects and water-paths in building concrete structuresSham, Fung Chu Janet (岑鳳珠)
2010Studies of ZnO nanostructure-based dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs)Cheung, Wing Sze (張穎思)
2005Studies on activation of Nitrido complexes of osmium and manganese towards alkane oxidation and N...N couplingYiu, Shek Man (姚碩珉)
2005Studies on catalytic oxidation of alkenes by (salen) ruthenium (III) complexes and BF3-activated oxidation of hydrocarbons by permanganateLee, Joyce Mei Ngor (李美娥)

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