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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adaptable diodeKu, Pui Sze 古貝詩
2003Adaptive approach for real-time data monitoring using mobile agentsChan, Siu Ki
2014Adaptive beamforming algorithm - Comparative Least Squares for Uniform Linear Antenna ArrayWu, Chung Kit
2011Adaptive BICM with convolutional code in OFDM systemHe, Jie
2004Adaptive ethernet controller for system-on-chip embedded systemWong, Ho Tseung
2012Adaptive modulation and resource allocation in OFDM systemsLi, Chenlin
2009Adaptive modulation for powerline communicationChoi, Ka Kit
2012Adaptive real-time camera streaming applicationLau, Kai Yan
2011Adaptive Smartphone Video Streaming SchemeWong, Lok Heung
Jun-2005Adaptive user interface for personalized education based on Hidden Markov ModelFok, Apple Wai Ping (霍惠萍); Wong, Raymond H. S.; Ip, Horace H. S.
2014Adding sound record to photo - an iOS apps to enhance life quality of the visually impairedHuang, Hok Hoi
2016Adopting Behavioral Characteristics in Pattern UnlockerTo, Kam Hung
2014Adult playfulness and its relationship with humor, subjective happiness and depression: a comparative study of Hong Kong and mainland ChinaLeung, Chun Lok Ryan (梁駿樂)
2013Advanced E-book Authoring System and HTML5 Application on Windows 8 platformLo, Ka Yue
2005Advanced role play game 1Fung, Ka Wai
2005Advanced role play game 2Ip, Terence Pui Tong
2005Advanced role play game 3Kan, Wai Chuen
2005Advanced role play game 4Chau, Tsun Yip
May-2004Adventure under the sailFoxall, Nick
2016AeroSafe: aviation safety visualization and evaluationFung, Ka Ho (馮嘉豪)