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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Control of an underwater ROVYuen, Fung Chun
2008Control of cell growth on polyallyldiglycol carbonate film surfacesLi, Wan Yin (李韻延)
2008Control of nonlinear industrial systems : approximate model based approachesZhang, Tiejun (張鉄軍)
2005A control theoretic analysis of PID-controller based active queue management algorithmsLi, Yi (李毅)
2010Convergence to shared lexicons for multi-object domainsXu, Chen (徐晨)
2012Convex bounds for dependent risks with applications to robust optimizationLi, Xiaobo (李曉波)
2009Convex optimization for signal processing problemsLui, Wing Kin (呂永健)
2009Convolutional codeXu, Yuanjie
2010Cooking recipe manipulations : modeling, organization, personalized search and recommendationYu, Lijuan (余麗娟)
2008CookRecipe : towards a versatile and fully-fledged recipe analysis and learning systemWang, Liping (王莉萍)
13-Dec-2008The Cooperative collection development of electronic books in Hong Kong: a jurisdictional approachChing, Hsianghoo Steve; Chan, Diana L. H.
2012Co-operative memory system to facilitate searchingShum, Chong
2009Cooperative strategies for Gaussian parallel relay networksHu, Ping (胡萍)
2012Cooperative strategies for wireless relay channels under slow fadingDai, Mingjun (代明軍)
2010Cooperative techniques in wireless networksLi, Yinsheng (李寅晟)
2011Coordinated control in rendezvous tasks of multi-agent systemsFan, Yuan ( 樊淵)
2005Coordinated power system stability controlLeung, Joseph Shu Kwan (梁樹堃)
2008Coordination networks from aromatic thioether building blocks for potential sensing and semiconductive applicationsHuang, Guo (黃幗)
2009Coorientation between Hong Kong and mainland journalists on the integration of Hong Kong and mainland ChinaYan, Yan (嚴妍)
1999Coping with the complexity and infinite variety of geometric features : a cooperative geometric feature recognition systemYuen, Cheuk-fai (阮卓輝)

Showing results 647 to 666 of 4007 < previous   next >


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