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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Advanced role play game 3Kan, Wai Chuen
2005Advanced role play game 4Chau, Tsun Yip
May-2004Adventure under the sailFoxall, Nick
2016AeroSafe: aviation safety visualization and evaluationFung, Ka Ho (馮嘉豪)
2015An affective, normative and functional approach to designing user experiences for wearablesDibia, Victor Chukwuma
Dec-2014Affordability study of care and attention home on the basis of cost management and design enhancementZhang, Boming (張博明)
2007Age and forgivenessYim, Jeff Ying Kit (嚴英傑)
Jul-2015The ageing construction workforce in Hong Kong: a reviewNg, Jacky Yu Ki (伍于祺); Chan, Alan H.S.
2013Agent-based modeling of crowd dynamics in rail transit systemsLiu, Shaobo (劉少博)
2006Aggressive, rejected, victimized children and adolescents: a comparison of friendship quality and peer relationsCheung, Mung Yu
2009AI for german bridgeChan, Chin Chu
2007AI role playing game developmentChow, Ricky Ying Kit (周英傑)
Nov-2005AIA Kelon case studyJiang, Vivian Weiyi (蔣惟怡); Sun, Sally Qianhui (孫千慧); Lam, Vivian Yi Man (林依敏)
2012Aid for the blind by mobile phone (Project I)Yip, Ka Fai
2010Aid for the Blind using Mobile Phone with Global Positioning System (Server Side Development)Leung, William Kwan Lok
2012Aid in Sri Lanka – Traditional donors and their failure to incite changeDe Silva, Suren Mark
2011Aid System Providing Route Information and Instruction for the Blind by Mobile Phone with GPSYeung, Wai Sum
2006Air combat computer gameWong, Martin Tsan
Dec-2003AirPAC: beta testing experienceSo, Edward
2007AJAX BlogHo, Chi Wan