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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Decision support methods for R&D project selectionSun, Yonghong (孫永洪)
2011A decision support system for the determination of concession period in transportation project under Build-Operate-Transfer contractYu, Chenyun ( 喻晨韻)
Oct-2013Deep-water unmanned submarine used for biological detection and salvageWang, Yaochen (王耀辰); Guo, Wentong (郭文通); Xiong, Jinhui (熊晉暉); Yan, Dongchen (閆冬琛); He, Huiwei (何惠威)
2002The defects of TRIPs and the future direction of China's patent lawJiang, Qinfeng
2005Defining standard skies and indoor daylight predictionLau, Chung Shing (劉宗成)
2010Deflection of a dilute stream of particlesDeng, Yuhui (鄧宇輝)
2013Deflection routing in complex networksThong, Wang Kit Wilson (唐宏傑)
2008Deformation behavior of polymer-layered silicate nanocompositesRuan, Yong Hong (阮永紅)
2003Deformation of 3D human model with animationLi, Benny Wai Yip
2002The degradation in rewriting phase change optical discNg, Man Cheung (吳文祥)
2010Degradation mechanism and surface modification of biomedical magnesium alloyXin, Yunchang (信運昌)
2010Degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) by mangrove sediment fungiWu, Yirui (吳奕瑞)
2010Degradation of three dimethyl phthalate isomer esters (DMPEs) by mangrove sediment fungiLuo, Zhuhua (駱祝華)
2006Delay-dependent robust control for nonlinear time-delay systems : analysis, synthesis, and applicationChen, Cailian (陳彩蓮)
2009Delay-feedback control of flocksHu, Ziyan (胡子燕)
2014Dementia Detection Game DesignWen, Tianqi
2015Densification potential in Hong Kong neighborhoodsNg, Kang Yuen (伍鏡元)
2008Density functional theoretical studies on carbon-based nanotubes modified with functional moleculesWang, Yanjin (王延金)
2005Deposition and application of fluorocarbon coatings in organic light-emitting devicesTong, Shi Wun (唐詩韻)
2006Deposition and characterization of cubic boron nitride diamond composite filmsChong, Yat Ming (莊一鳴)

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