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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20121.8GHz balanced low noise amplifierYip, Sui Chun (葉瑞珍)
2010The 2008 Economic Tsunami in Hong Kong: The Way Young and Middle Adults Cope with Stress, and the Influence of Demographic Factors and Personality Traits on Coping and Well-BeingLeung, Patricia Mong Sze (梁夢詩)
20143-APTES modified graphene oxide strengthened dissolving polymer microneedle arrays for transdermal deliveryNg, Chung Chung (伍聰聰)
2017316 HTM stainless steel reinforcing bars as a green materialFong, Chun Wai (方竣瑋)
201360 GHz Antennas for WiGig/802.11adLeung, Sut Yee (梁實怡)
2009Academic stress and health outcomes among college students: A comparative study in Hong Kong and mainland Chinese studentsChan, Aya Mo Ching (陳慕貞)
2017The achievement and limitation of China's state capitalism in electricity reformChan, Ka Yeung (陳家揚)
2015An acoustic analysis of Mandarin sibilants produced by Cantonese speakersWong, Cheuk Kin (黃卓健)
2011Acquisition of English progressive morpheme –ing for Chinese learnersWong, Shing Yee Katherine (王聖儀)
2015ActiveCrowd: integrating active learning with Amazon Mechanical TurkChi, Fung Cheung (池鳳翔)
2014Adult playfulness and its relationship with humor, subjective happiness and depression: a comparative study of Hong Kong and mainland ChinaLeung, Chun Lok Ryan (梁駿樂)
2016AeroSafe: aviation safety visualization and evaluationFung, Ka Ho (馮嘉豪)
2007AI role playing game developmentChow, Ricky Ying Kit (周英傑)
2012Aid in Sri Lanka – Traditional donors and their failure to incite changeDe Silva, Suren Mark
2017Algebra mazeKwok, Sui Yan (郭瑞焮)
2008Alternation of /n/ and /l/ in Korean languageSuen, Carmen Yeuk Hay (孫渃琋)
2012An alternative to prosecution: A comparative study between restorative service provision in Queensland and Hong KongNg, Yin Ha (吳燕霞); Wong, Gabriel Tsz Wah (黃子華)
2011Analyze the prospects for greater democratization in Hong KongHo, Wing Yee (何詠儀)
2014An anatomy of aesthetic and emotional distanceBerry, Simon
2012Android camera car – Sengital Ltd.Lui, Tik On (雷廸安)