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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20131-dimensional ZnO-based nanostructures : synthesis and applicationsLu, Zhenzhen (魯湞湞)
20123D motion analysis and its application in adaptive dance education systemYang, Yang (杨洋)
20123D motion data recognition and its application on interactive dancing gameDeng, Liqun (鄧利群)
20043D object model reconstruction from multiple viewsWong, Sze Sze (黃思思)
20103D object representation and analysis with application in object simulation and retrievalHe, Qizhen (何其真)
20103D protein substructure identification and nearest neighbor searchYang, Yong (楊勇)
20073G and internet protocols integrationTso, Fung Po Posco (曹鳳波)
2015Ab initio predictions of the structural, spectroscopic, and energetic properties of some chemical systemsPan, Yi (盤毅)
2014Ab initio studies of vacancy defects in bulk and nanostructured semiconductorsDeng, Bei (鄧貝)
2014Ab initio study on the structures, energetics and reactivity of some chemical systemsLo, Po Kam (羅寶琴)
2002The abstractness of language : on realism's challenge to psychologism in linguisticsKwok, Wai Man (郭偉文)
2015Abusive supervision and proactive behavior : the role of organizational identification and positive affectivityXu, Qin (許勤)
2015Accessibility, extensibility, and accuracy in mobile device interactionLi, Wing Ho Andy (李穎豪)
2006Accountability in establishing public private partnerships : a case study of the West Kowloon Cultural DistrictWu, Hoi Yan (胡凱欣)
2015Accounting restatements and corporate cash policyChen, Huili (陳暉麗)
2008Accurate and computationally efficient sinusoidal parameter estimation and tracking algorithm developmentAmin, Md. Tawfiq
2007Accurate higher-order analytical approximations to nonlinear oscillation systemsLai, Siu Kai (黎紹佳)
2011Achieving knowledge sharing outcomes through the activation of social capital in virtural communities : evidence from Chinese online social network communitiesTian, Wen ( 田雯)
2006The acidity and basicity of the atmosphere in Hong KongLee, Sze Chung (李思聰)
2009Acoulogy as a framework for environmental soundMaridet, Cedric Marie Yves

Showing results 1 to 20 of 2670  next >


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