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Title: Virtual Jurassic Park
Authors: Chan, Chi Yip
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Lau Rynson W H. Assessor: Dr. Kmoura Taku
Abstract: Dinosaurs are a unique case as we do not have much direct reference as to how they move. Hence, observations of similar animals that are still living give us the best motion reference. Four-legged dinosaurs, such as a triceratops, would most likely have moved like a large four-legged modern animal, such as a hippo or rhinoceros. However, bipedal dinosaurs, such as a T-rex and Velociraptor, are more difficult to build up a correct model because no creatures alive today have such a similar body. Movies such as Jurassic Park have popularized one particular brand of locomotion, which is based on the scientific research into the subject. From the movie, there is another perspective way to think about dinosaurs, their intelligence. In fact, dinosaur can be behavioral with deterministic and nondeterministic of AI flavors. Deterministic behavior is specified and predictable with no uncertainty (such as chasing), while nondeterministic behavior has a degree of uncertainty and unpredictable (such as learn to adapt to the tactics of emery). The degree of uncertainty depends on the AI method employed and how well the method is understood.
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