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Title: Implementation of multiplexing protocol for low bit rate multimedia communication
Authors: Kwok, Sin Hung
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Jia Weijia. Assessor: Dr. So H C
Abstract: The objective of the final year project was to enhance a video conferencing prototype system ¡X anyConference which is a solution for the mobile 3G multimedia streaming service using 3G-324M protocol stack. The enhancement is mainly focused on the multiplexing module of the system. The demand on this enhanced system is to achieve multipoint video conferencing. In the multiplexing system layer point of view, users from different mobile terminals should be able to stream out their multimedia information each others. In addition, resource managements such as handling multiple set of video and audio buffers should also be considered in this kind of multipoint video conferencing. All of the functionalities mentioned above have been implemented in our demo system. For the multipoint video conferencing, the new multiplexing module which is an extension of H.223, the multiplexing protocol used in 3G-324M, has been developed. This is a module that capable to coordinate the different media streams from different entities in the conference. The module works well for the basic case of three multiple users. It is also expected to scale well for more than three users depending on the power of the mobile terminals and their network bandwidth.
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