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Title: Trapped in the internet: internet addiction among Hong Kong teenagers
Authors: Chau, Vennie Ven Yan
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Social Psychology
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Tse John Wing Ling
Subjects: Internet addiction
Mental health
Abstract: Objectives: The present research was an attempt to explore the psychological characteristics of teenager Internet addicts in Hong Kong. Methods: A total number of 337 teenagers (161 males, 176 females) were recruited from two secondary schools. They completed a questionnaire consisting of Young’s Internet Addiction Test, Chinese Version of Beck Depression Inventory, Wittenberg’s Social and Emotional Loneliness Scale, and Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale. Results: Among the respondents (N=337), 53.4% of them were categorized as possible addicts (n=180), while 3.9% of them were diagnosed as Internet addicts (n=13). Consistent with previous findings, the Internet addicts were high in depression, high in emotional and social loneliness, and low in self-esteem as compared to non-addicts. Results showed that the family and interpersonal relationship of the non-addicts were also affected adversely. Discussion: By understanding the psychological characteristics of Internet addicts, remedial solutions may be developed to protect Internet users from the negative effects.
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