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Title: Attachment styles and development of self-esteem, peer relationships, and family relationships in Chinese adults
Authors: Ho, Polly Pui Yi
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Social Psychology
Issue Date: 2002
Supervisor: Dr. Hamid Nicholas
Subjects: Attachment styles
Self-esteem development
Peer relationship
Family relationship
Abstract: Objectives: This study explored the applicability of Bartholomew and Horowitz’s (1991) four-category model on Chinese young adults in Hong Kong. In particular, it investigated the effects of four adult attachment prototypes (i.e., secure, dismissing, preoccupied, and fearful) on self-esteem, peer relationship, and family relationship. Methods: One hundred and ninety-two young adults with median age of 28 completed the self-reported Attachment Style Questionnaire, the Chinese version of Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, the Index of Peer Relation, and the Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scales. Results: Findings indicated that subjects with secure and dismissing attachment style, both having a positive regard of self, had higher self-esteem than the other two groups that have a negative regard of self. The secure group had the lowest magnitude of peer problem but contrary to the hypothesis, the preoccupied group had the highest magnitude of peer problem. The impact of attachment style on perception of family closeness was not obvious. Family relationship among Chinese seemed to be culturally unique. Discussion: The results suggest that the four attachment prototypes can be identified in Chinese young adults and one’s social functioning is much influenced by the attachment style one belongs to. However, as the Chinese may have some characteristics unique in their culture, a Chinese adult attachment inventory should be developed for further study of adult attachment among Chinese society.
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