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Title: Achievement strategies and big five personality: relationship with academic achievement
Authors: Leung, Connie Wai Yee
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Personality / Social Psychology
Issue Date: 2006
Supervisor: Dr. Lok David Ping Pui
Subjects: Achievement strategies
Big five personality
Academic achievement
Abstract: Objectives: The present study investigated the relationship between individuals’ achievement strategy adopted in academic setting, their Big Five personality, and their academic achievement. This study also examined whether achievement strategy groups (i.e., optimism, defensive pessimism, self handicapping, and learned helplessness) could be identified in the Hong Kong education context, and how these achievement strategies may be related to personalities. Methods: Participants were three groups of students at different educational level (lower secondary school, upper secondary school, and university undergraduate).They completed questionnaires that assess their achievement strategy in academic context, their personality dimension, and their achievement outcome. Results: The present study found consistent patterns of relationship between personality, achievement strategy, and academic achievement across the three educational levels. The personality dimension of conscientiousness has the strongest relationship with academic achievement. Cognitive and behavioral achievement strategies were also related to academic achievement across the educational groups. Discussion: This study demonstrates the importance of the relationship between personality, achievement strategy, and academic achievement. Educators may have a better educational planning in the future, and academic successes may be pursued across different educational levels in Hong Kong.
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