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Title: Marital satisfaction: marital expectations and marital experiences among Hong Kong couples
Authors: Chan, Yuet Wah
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Social Psychology
Issue Date: 1999
Supervisor: Dr. Rudowicz Elisabeth
Subjects: Marital expectations
Marital experiences
Marital satisfaction
Social exchange theory
Abstract: Objectives: This study investigated marital satisfaction based on the social exchange theory. In particular, this study examined the relationship between marital expectations, marital experiences, and martial satisfaction. Methods: A total of 131 Hong Kong married individuals completed questionnaires that assess their demographic information, marital satisfaction, marital experiences, and marital expectation level. Results: Though no significant differences in the level or type of marital expectations were found between participants varying in gender, age, education level, income, length of marriage, and parenthood, Hong Kong married individuals seemed to have undergone a change in understanding marriage. In particular, they considered expectations on positive spousal interaction as important as expectations on positive interaction with significant others. Consistent with the social exchange theory, marital satisfaction, marital expectations, and martial experiences were all found to be strongly and positively correlated with each other. However, no significant differences in these three areas were found between participants varying in gender, parenthood, and length of marriage. Discussion: Although this study provides a useful framework for people in non-western societies, but it portrays a phenomenon that is different from the west. That is, the content of the comparison level or expectations is much different from that of the west. On the whole, the findings highlight the importance in developing indigenous instruments to fit potential cross-cultural differences.
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