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Title: Mate selection: testing evolutionary hypotheses in a Hong Kong Chinese context
Authors: Ho, Sai Kin
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Social Psychology
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. Rudowicz Elisabeth
Subjects: Evolutionary theory
Mate selection
Sexual infidelity
Emotional infidelity
Abstract: Objectives: This study investigated the differences between males and females in their preferences on mate selection. It also examined gender differences on the reaction to issues dealing with sexual and emotional infidelity. The relationship between infidelity and jealousy was also explored. Methods: Participants were 160 students attending the Open University of Hong Kong. They completed a questionnaire regarding mate preferences and issues of infidelity. In particular, they were assessed of their demographic information, the desired age difference between themselves and their mate, the attributes they desire their mate to possess, the dilemma which would upset him/her more, how they would handle such dilemma, and their jealousy level in different situations. Results: The sex-differentiated mate selection criteria that were consistent with the doctrines of evolutionary theory were found to be most pronounced. The analysis of data revealed non-significant differences between males and females in facing infidelity. Most of the participants reacted adversely to every scenario regarding infidelity, making gender distinction somewhat irrelevant. In addition, women were found to be more jealous than did men when handling emotional fidelity. Discussion. Evolutionary psychology yields insight into the reaction to sexual and emotional infidelity, and some of the domain specific, cognitive mechanisms, and elements of human mate selection preferences.
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