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Title: Examination of mood reaction differences towards interpersonal vs. achievement stress: modified Velten mood induction approach
Authors: Wan, Kitty Kit Ying
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Abnormal / Social Psychology
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Tse Vincent Wai Shing
Subjects: Velten mood induction
Interpersonal vs. achievement stress
Abstract: Objectives: This project developed a modified Velten Mood Induction Procedure (VMIP) to examine the possibility of different mood reactions to achievement stress and interpersonal stress. Methods: In Study 1, 20 participants were interviewed with a semi-structured interview method. The self-referent statements were categorized into 4 event groups: (1) achievement-elated events, (2) achievement-sad events, (3) interpersonal-elated events, and (4) interpersonal-sad events. To develop the modified Veltan mood induction stimuli for Study 2, the statements relevant to the achievement and interpersonal domain were collected and were constructed into scramble sentenced format. In Study 2, 102 participants were randomly assigned to one of the four statement groups. The modified VMIP was conducted to examine the validity of the procedures and the possibility of different mood reactions to achievement stress and interpersonal stress. In Study 3, 88 participants were assessed with the explicit measure of Likert scale rating, of their level of subjective feelings for events in the achievement and interpersonal domain. Results: The results suggested that the modified VMIP was effective in inducing depressive mood. There was a significant difference in mood reaction patterns to achievement stress and interpersonal stress. The elated and sad events were shown to represent two different mood dimensions in each of the domain. Also, there was a difference in evaluation of subjective feelings for events between the implicit measure and the explicit measure. Discussion: The findings suggest that different depressive mood reactions to achievement stress and interpersonal stress may have therapeutic implications. Implicit measure of life stress may be more reliable than explicit measure, to assess the severity of the degree of depressive mood reactions of life events.
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