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Title: Chinese people's perception of extramarital affairs: the link between attitudes, behaviors, and gender
Authors: Kwan, Jennifer Oi Sze
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Social Psychology
Issue Date: 1999
Supervisor: Dr. Rudowicz Elisabeth
Subjects: Extramarital affairs
Extramarital involvment
Extramarital justifications
Gender differences
Abstract: Objectives: This study investigated the relationships between justifications for extramarital relationships, attitudes towards extramarital relationships, and extramarital involvement among married individuals. In order to provide local data comparable with Western studies, the present research replicated the methodological approach of Glass and Wright’s study (1992) on justifications for extramarital relationships in Hong Kong context. Methods: Three hundred and thirty-four Hong Kong Chinese married individuals filled out a questionnaire that assess their justifications for extramarital relationships, extramarital involvement (both sexual and emotional), compliance with Chinese values, and demographic information. Results: Participants’ attitudes towards extramarital affairs were found to be positively correlated with extramarital involvement. Their level of approval in extramarital justifications was moderated by their gender, justification factors, and actual involvement in extramarital relationship, with the latter one as the major determinant. Men approved more sexual justifications and had more extramarital sexual involvement, whereas women approved more emotional justifications and had more extramarital emotional involvement. Moreover, there was an inverse relationship between compliance with Chinese values and the level of approval in extramarital justifications. Discussion: The present study provides a comparable local data to previous Western research. People who have higher compliance with Chinese values hold more conservatives views toward extramarital behaviors.
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