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Title: The effects of parental demandingness, responsiveness, and involvement on self-concept of secondary school adolescents
Authors: Lin, Shui Ngor
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Social Psychology
Issue Date: 2000
Supervisor: Dr. Humid Nicholas
Subjects: Parental behaviors
Parental demandingness
Parental involvement
Parental responsiveness
Abstract: Objectives: The present study examined the relationship between parental behaviors (demandingness, responsiveness, and involvement) and adolescents’ self-concept. The effect of gender, family type (intact and divorced), and schooling cohort on the relationship was also examined. Methods: The sample consisted of 141 male and 87 female adolescents, with 119 in Form 1 and 109 in Form 4. The 228 participants were administered questionnaires that assess their demographic characteristics, their perception on their parents’ parental behaviors, and their self-concept. Results: Significant relationships were found between parental behaviors and adolescents’ self-concept. More specifically, a significant and strong relationship was found between parental responsiveness and involvement and adolescents’ self-concept facets. In addition, family circumstances and schooling cohort were found to have an effect on the relationship between parental behaviors and adolescents’ self-concept. However, the influence of gender did not exert a significant effect on the relationship. Discussion: Parental behaviors are very important in contributing to the growth of adolescents’ self-concept. For continuous development in self-concept, parents and adolescents should be aware of their roles in parenting and develop open communication through the practice of parental responsiveness and involvement.
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