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Title: The role of memory, reasoning, and perceptual speed in predicting the learning of Chajei among persons with mental retardation
Authors: Wong, Vincent Kai Moon (黃繼滿)
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Cognitive / Abnormal Psychology
Issue Date: 2005
Course: SS5790
Programme: PGDP
Supervisor: Dr. Tse John Wing Ling
Subjects: Memory
Chinese character sets
Mental retardation
Description: Nominated as OAPS (Outstanding Academic Papers by Students) paper by Department in Spring 2006-07.
Abstract: Objectives: The role of memory, reasoning, and perceptual speed in learning of Chajei were studied among people with lower intelligence (i.e., mentally retarded) and those with normal intelligence. Methods: Eighty-two participants completed questionnaires that assess participants’ reasoning, perceptual speed, speed of long-term memory retrieval, speed of short-term memory scanning, and decision speed. They were also given a typing test to assess their accuracy and typing speed. Results: Results showed that working memory (both retrieval speed and accuracy), reasoning, and perceptual speed were significantly poorer in people with lower intelligence. However, for these individuals, only reasoning was correlated with their proficiency in using Chajei. On the other hand, only the speed of long-term memory access was correlated with proficiency in using Chajei for people with normal intelligence. Discussion: The reasoning threshold hypothesis is proposed, which suggest that only when one’s reasoning above a certain threshold can one be able to learn Chajei. But when one’s reasoning is above the threshold, the speed of long-term memory access becomes critical to the performance in using Chajei. As reasoning is a relatively stable cognitive component, Chajei may be too difficult for people with mental handicaps. Therefore, other “easier” Chinese Character Input Method may be taught to them.
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