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Title: Predicting job performance of customer service representatives at offshore call centers with the big five personality inventory
Authors: Lee, Sandy Mun Kay
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Social Psychology
Issue Date: 2006
Supervisor: Dr. Cheng Christopher Hon Kwong
Subjects: Big five personality
Customer service representatives
Job performance
Validity of personality test
Abstract: Objectives: This study examined whether the Big Five Personality Inventory, currently used in many organizations’ selection batteries, is as capable of predicting job performance of Customer Service Representatives (CSR) in offshore call centers as it is of other people-oriented occupations. Methods: Survey questionnaires were distributed by two administrative assistants to CSRs with at least one year of tenure as performance appraisal was conducted on an annual basis. A total of 101 questionnaires were completed. The survey assessed their personality by the Big Five Personality Inventory, their job performance by subjective measurements (i.e., evaluations by their team leaders and supervisors), and their job performance by objective measurements (i.e., the average number of calls handled per hour, the number of compliments, and the number of complaints received). Results: Consistent with the hypothesis, Extraversion, Conscientious, and Openness to Experience were associated with job performance judged by supervisors. Agreeableness and Neuroticism did not yield any statistical significant effect on any of the performance dimensions. None of the Big Five personality dimensions yielded any correlations with the objective measures of job performance. Discussion: This analysis shed light on the use of personality measures for personnel decisions in large organizations, particularly with CSRs. By selecting and hiring those who possess personality characteristics that are related to quality service and employee performance, level of customer satisfaction can be enhanced.
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