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Title: The effect of individual feedback and group feedback on achievement motivation of Chinese children
Authors: Wong, Wing Sze
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Discipline: Social Psychology
Issue Date: 2000
Supervisor: Dr. Rudowicz Elisabeth
Subjects: Individualism
Group feedback
Individual feedback
Achievement motivation
Internal attribution
External attribution
Abstract: Objectives: This study examined the effects of cultural orientation (individualism vs. collectivism) and positive performance feedback type (individual vs. group) on achievement motivation and attributional beliefs (internal vs. external). Methods: The participants were eighty 10-year-olds to 12-year-olds Hong Kong Chinese children. They completed a questionnaire that assesses their cultural orientation, attributional beliefs, and perceived causes of achievement. Then, they were assigned into 4 groups with different combinations of positive performance feedback type. Half-way through a perceptual task, participants received positive performance feedback according to their experimental condition. After the perceptual task, participants completed a questionnaire regarding their attributional belief. Children’s achievement motivation was measured by the choice of task and the accuracy of work throughout the perceptual task. Results: The results revealed that both individual and group positive performance feedback, compared to no feedback, increased achievement motivation. Also, it was found that positive performance feedback was associated with internal attribution (i.e., attributing success or failure to effort and ability). Contrary to the expectation, group feedback did not enhance collectivists’ achievement motivation. The individual feedback was found to be the most effective in enhancing achievement motivation for both individualists and collectivists. In addition, collectivists were found to have higher achievement motivation than individualists, and they attributed more success or failure to internal causes. Discussion: The findings suggest that the nature and the availability of feedback can directly influence or enhance Hong Kong Chinese children’s achievement motivation.
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