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Title: Video streaming and web applications on AnyServer
Authors: Lee, Wai Kit
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. Jia Weijia. Assessor: Dr. Sung Albert C W
Abstract: AnyServer platform provide any kind of services (e.g. wireless multimedia services) to any kind of client devices (e.g. mobile phones, PDAs and PCs) at anytime at anywhere. It is an integrated platform of wire and wireless networks, which is an on-going project supervised by Dr Jia. The objective of the project is to enrich the functionality by building up web applications on server, provide information to the AnyServer users in a more interactive way and the implementation of video streaming. In the project, three web applications have been built on the AnyServer by making use of the programming language Microsoft C Sharp and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. They are e-mail delivery, video streaming and message board respectively that strengthen the usability to AnyServer users. All in all, with the promising development in technology in the area of hardware, software and networks, internet is not only acted as a tool for people to get information, but also it provided up-to-date application to users.
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