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Title: Webmail security : an intelligent spam filter
Authors: Kan, Chun Kit
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2006
Supervisor: Dr. Kwok, L F. First Reader: Dr. Komura Taku. Second Reader: Mr. Lee C H
Abstract: Today, the spam epidemic has turned out for internet mail messages in the world. A collaborative anti-spam framework has to be established in order to flight spammers in a long term. It should include technology development, legislation and education. In this report, a collaborative anti-spam framework would be defined. A Two-layer spam filtering approach ,which aims at providing high adaptive features spam filtering service to Webmail users, would be designed as a Web-based server-side filter. It would acquire a high adaptive feature on email messages classification with respect to email users’ filtering configurations. Evaluation of the Two-layer spam filtering approach would be conducted by sets of experiments with different filter data configurations. In our experiment, the spam detection rate of the filtering approach is found to be over 90%.
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