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Title: Device to device authentication using visual channel
Authors: Lau, Chi Wai
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2006
Supervisor: Dr. Wong, Duncan S. First Reader: Dr. Wan, P J. Second Reader: Mr. Chan, M T
Abstract: PDA, digital cameras, printers are now commonly equipped with wireless features (eg.WLAN, Bluetooth). It is foresee that electronic appliances will have build-in wireless LAN and LAN feature. In the future, electronic appliances that constitute the smart home will be configurable through network to meet your needs. This paper present and analyze the security approach Device-To-Device Authentication Using Visual Channel, a system that utilizes 2D color bar code and camera equipped Mobile Devices to authenticate the electronic appliance and make configuration securely. By proof of concept, the TV and Remote Control were chosen as an emulation and demonstration. The TV was emulated by a PC while the Remote Control was emulated by a Mobile Device. The Mobile Device and PC authenticated each other that share no prior context. The results suggest that the use of visual channel and 2D color bar code enhance the security of smart home. It allows ordinary users, without out-of-brand knowledge and assistance of trusted authority, to connect to the desired electronics appliances and to perform device configuration securely in the smart home.
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