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Title: E-banking with pocket PC
Authors: Li, Chung Man
Department: Department of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2006
Supervisor: Wong, Duncan. First Reader: Clubb, O L. Second Reader: Ip, Horace
Abstract: In the 21st century, many people know how to use computers. Most people think computers can help to improve their work efficiency and bring much convenience in their everyday lives. Computers have thus become a vital part of their daily lives and people are growing to be more dependent of them. While we humans are trying to make every effort to reduce our workload by using computers for work, we seldom think about how to protect our computers. In some cases, users use computers to conduct transactions or e-banking services on the Internet. If the Net environment is not safe, their account numbers, passwords, or personal information could be leaked or even stolen. As a result, the issue of Internet security has become one of the most important agendas in today’s computers-dependent society. Even Microsoft also avoids liability when establishing a secure socket channel for the internet explorer. See the Figure (i) below. In this project, an electronic banking system will be implemented. This system aims to provide bank service for the client by hand held device through the internet. This project will provide a secure environment by using RSA technology. Therefore, the concept of public key infrastructure will also be studied in this project. Random number Generation is the main focus in this project. The algorithm of random generation, random number theory and random test will be studied and used in this project.
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