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Title: Development of Java card operating system
Authors: Ng, Alvin Yu Hin
Department: Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Issue Date: 2005
Supervisor: Dr. L M Cheng. Assessor: Dr. L L Cheng
Abstract: Java Card is a multi-application environment, which was enabled by the Java Card Virtual Machine (JCVM). It is widely used in third-generation cellular phone nowadays, and is likely to dominate the mobile market in the next decades. The demand for its development then becomes higher and more rapid. One of the key components in Java Card is the operating system because it is responsible for the communication between the Java Card Virtual Machine (JCVM) and card reader. The operating system is built on top of JCVM to manage and control the user applications. It main functions include command dispatch, card content management and security management. This project is to design and develop an operating system of Java Card based on Open Platform Card Specification V2.0.1. The platform chosen to test the operating system includes Java Card Workstation Development Environment (JCWDE), C language Java Card Runtime Environment (C-JCRE) and GemXpress211is Java Card.
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