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Title: Design of a remote control/monitoring system using ZigBee-software implementation
Authors: Fan, Chi Sing (范智星)
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2006
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Chan, C H. Assessor: Dr. Leung, S H
Subjects: Telecommunication systems
Computer networks
Remote sensing
Abstract: The ZigBee Alliance has standardized specifications of remote control and monitoring systems for applications in lighting, building automation, consumer electronics, etc. The ZigBee network is the latest one of solutions for intelligent buildings and automation. In this project, we build up a ZigBee network using microcontroller (MCU) MC9S08GB60 and RFIC MC13192DS integrated into an RF module. The ZigBee network topology has a star network, tree network and mesh network. A star network has been built in this project. In the star network, it has a master device for remote control and 3 slave devices for applications. The first application controls the lighting, the second is temperature and humidity monitoring and the third is a curtain control. Since the system includes the network and applications, we have designed the interfaces between each application and the MCU as well as that between the master and the slaves.
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