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Title: Radio frequency indentification for warehouse
Authors: Ho, Hung Kit
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2006
Supervisor: Supervisor: Prof. Yung, Edward K N. Assessor: Dr. Wong, W K
Abstract: Radio frequency identification system has been a hot issue in the Information Age because it makes life convenient. In my project, this novel radio frequency identification system is applied to a warehouse of electronic components and accessories. The whole system is run by circular polarization (CP) antenna in order to halve the operation time of identification. The antenna’s center frequency falls between 850MHz and 950MHz which is relative low compared with other common radio frequencies. Therefore, the size of the antenna becomes large. My project aims to reduce the size of the tag antenna through different ways. I tried to add four diagonal slots at the four corners of the square microstrip antenna. Another method is to add fins at the corner of the antenna. At the same time, the square microstrip antenna has to be tuned to a rectangle antenna so as to be compatible in a rectangular card. Fractal technique is introduced to change the antenna into rectangular one. This technique is rarely used in rectangular microstrip antenna before. This antenna has potential application in RFID.
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