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Title: A chemical logging system (I)
Authors: Poon, Kar Wai
Department: Department of Electronic Engineering
Issue Date: 2006
Supervisor: Supervisor: Dr. Chan, Andy H P. Assessor: Dr. Wu, Angus K M
Abstract: This project, Chemical logging system, is a web based system to automate the daily work of technical staff and digitize the whole working process in the optoelectronic laboratory. Daily works include chemical request application, approval, registry application, registration, etc. Now, all of those are done in paper work which is paper consuming, difficult to manage and being trace back. This could be absolutely improved by using this system. WAMP was used for the system developing environment. WAMP indicating windows, apache, MySQL and PHP are the type of operating system, web server, database server and development language respectively. Code 39 was used in the system to improve the performance of daily work. It is a barcode standard for inventory system. Thus, admin could be the barcode reader to check chemicals detail.
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