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Title: Education reform in Hong Kong - Manageralism in Primary and Secondary Schools
Authors: Choi, Ka Ling
Department: Department of Applied Social Studies
Issue Date: 2004
Supervisor: Dr. Chan David Kin Keung
Subjects: Globalization
HKSAR government
New public management
School-based management
Education reform
Abstract: Globalization brings about the new ideology of neo-liberalism to Hong Kong. The HKSAR government has started to rethink its role in the public sectors. With the expansion on the public sectors and the increasing public expectation, the government adopts new models of New Public Management to obtain more efficient governance. School-Based Management in education sector is one such example. However, the implementation is not successful since the number of schools that participate in this scheme is low, and it has brought a lot of criticisms from the general public. This project is going to find out the reasons behind its unsuccessful implementation by examining on how the School-Based Management scheme affects the various stakeholders, and how they tend to react to the scheme. A further reflection on the idea of New Public Management in Hong Kong’s education will be made as a result.
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